Q: What is your availability?

A: Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm.  If you'd like to meet outside of these hours contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. Please keep in mind that I need time to conduct screening and check references. Sometimes this can be accomplished quickly, but I prefer advance notice. 


Q: Where are you located? 

A: I am Dallas-Ft Worth based and host near DFW Airport. I am also available to visit you anywhere in the DFW Metroplex.

Q: What is the best way to contact you? May I call you?
A: The best way to reach me is always via my contact form or e-mail. A contact number will be provided once you are verified, and have confirmed an appointment.


Q: Is screening really necessary?

A: While I appreciate your need for discretion, my safety is as important as your privacy. Trust is an integral part of our relationship. If I cannot verify you, I cannot see you.


Q: How far in advance should I book an appointment with you?
A: Although same day meetings may be available, prebooking is highly preferred to ensure our schedules coincide. For travel to another city or state I prefer three days notice. For international travel I prefer a weeks notice.


Q: What will you wear?
A: I have a phenomenal wardrobe and variety to fit any occasion. If there is something you request please let me know.