Q: What is your personality type?

A: Friendly, warm and charismatic 


Q: When are you available?

A: I am generally available 8am-10pm. Prebooking is always preferred and encouraged to ensure that our schedules coincide.


Q: Is screening really necessary?

A: While I appreciate your need for discretion, my safety is as important as your privacy. Trust is an integral part of our relationship. If I cannot verify you, I cannot see you.


Q: How far in advance can I book an appointment with you?
A: I prefer twenty-four hours notice (minimum 2 hours). For travel to another city or state I a prefer two to three days notice. For international travel I prefer a weeks notice.


Q: What will you wear?
A: I have a phenomenal wardrobe and variety to fit any occasion. If there is something you request please let me know. 


Q: Do you travel?
A:  Yes. With enough notice, I can fly to meet you anywhere. I have a US Passport, and am available for international travel