Sierra Sinclair


Sierra Sinclair




Southern girls are different— there’s no doubt about it. While I was born in the midwest with a heart that belongs to New York City, living in Dallas has really taught me what “southern hospitality” truly means. From the moment you and I connect, you’ll notice that I’ve adopted that hospitality, and put a romantic spin on it to make it all my own.


Please, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sierra Sinclair, and it’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance! My ability to truly connect with you and put you at ease is something I’ve developed and cultivated over the years. I love to take care of people, and there’s little that satisfies me more than knowing you’re cared for and have exactly what you need.


Need me to cook dinner, or take care of dinner plans while you’re off closing corporate mergers or getting your tires rotated? I’ve got it covered, down to the wine pairing. You see, food is a passion of mine— I’m a culinary arts student who’s focusing on nutrition. Food and drink are not only sumptuous, sensual things, but they can also be conduits for healing and health. If I’m being honest, I like to think of myself in that very same light.


My attitude is one of optimism. I’m a true romantic at heart who really values her relationships and loves to make people feel special. I’m charming and witty, and the only time I’ll ever make you feel rushed is if we’re running late for a reservation at The Mansion.


I’m a Gemini for those of you who are astrologically inclined; I’ve got a love for variety and both mental and physical exercise. My favorite way to stay in shape? Dancing and pilates. I love moving in ways that both embody grace and strength. The addition of a playlist stacked with deep house, soul, and R&B tracks is sure to elevate my heart rate in just about any situation.


Now, I’d be silly to think that you’re just here for my attitude and demeanor. Something about me caught your eye, after all. My photos are accurate— I’m curvy and well toned due to all that hopping around to house music. My style is casual and classic. Think well-fitted tee shirts, jeans that hug my hips just right, and flowing, feminine sundresses to accommodate the balmy summer nights known to take over Dallas summers. I’m flexible enough to take you from happy hour to witching hour and beyond.


Really though, I truly want to share my unique style of southern hospitality with you. I pride myself on being your home away from home, your break from your everyday life, and a woman who loves to cater to your needs.


Let’s get our courtship started!








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